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NEW: Buy Eucalyptus Logs from Dalby Firewood

Eucalyptus Firewood Logs

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Spring has finally sprung, just in time for the addition of a fantastic new product to the Dalby Firewood store: air-dried blue gum eucalyptus, all the way from South Africa!

This superb wood is amongst the most recognisable and highly prized in the southern hemisphere. It’s also one of the most spectacular, with specimens of ‘eucalyptus globulus’ regularly growing to heights in the region of 180 feet (the tallest is an amazing 331 feet tall – soaring higher than the Statue of Liberty).

The garden chef’s wood of choice

Buy Eucalyptus Logs

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With the warmer weather waiting just around the corner, we expect all you culinary maestros out there will be looking forward to dazzling your friends and neighbours with your burger-flipping prowess. Whether you’re in your own back garden or out in the great outdoors, there’s nothing quite like cooking al fresco in the summer months, and our new blue gum eucalyptus is quite possibly the best wood in the world to cook over! Allow us to explain why…

Our eucalyptus logs burn extremely hot and very slowly. This rare combination of traits equates to quick and thorough grilling, all barbecue long! As if that’s not enough, this wood breaks down to red hot coals when burnt, and these continue to give off loads of heat long after the wood has turned to charcoal.  In short, it’s the ultimate cooking fuel, and if you’re worried your food might end up smelling like a branch of Holland and Barrett, relax – it’s the leaves of certain breeds of Australian eucalyptus that contain the strongly scented eucalyptus oil, not the wood. These logs have been seasoned for two years and have a remarkably low moisture content of roughly 10%, so we can also guarantee minimal smoke.

Some people say eucalyptus is no good for cooking, but please bear in mind that there are roughly 700 breeds of this wood in existence. Trust us when we say this one is the best!

Buy Eucalyptus Logs from Dalby Firewood

Eucalyptus bulk bag

Eucalyptus bulk bag

Eucalyptus crate

Eucalyptus crate

If this beautiful, reddish-hued wonder-wood sounds like the ideal solution for you cooking (or heating!) needs, head over to our online store to view the products available. Our air-dried blue gum eucalyptus logs are available in both bulk bags and crates, and can be delivered nationwide.