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Restaurants get all fired up about cooking with wood

Dalby Firewood has been chosen to supply the high-quality cooking wood demanded by two of London’s pioneering new ‘real-fire’ restaurants. Both Flat Iron in Shoreditch and Martello Hall in Hackney have embraced the joys of cooking over a naked flame – each taking a different approach to attract the capital’s discerning restaurant goers. Flat Iron […]

London’s burning… your dinner

London’s burning once again, but this time it’s only your dinner that’s getting scorched. Chefs across the capital are returning to the oldest form of cooking to give their discerning punters a depth of flavour – and a dining spectacle – that is unsurpassed. Crackling embers, flickering flames, sizzling food and the elemental aroma of […]

Find beautiful woodland breaks at Forest Holidays

As well as delivering logs to thousands of homes all over the UK, Dalby Firewood also serves scores of fascinating business customers. We’d like to take a moment to tell you a little about one of the very best…  Forest Holidays provide short breaks in some of England and Scotland’s most beautiful woodland holiday destinations. When the sun goes down you’ll find their lucky […]

Dalby Firewood becomes highest rated UK firewood seller

We’re always eager to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our service, and it was with this in mind that we started inviting our customers to kindly spare the time to rate and review Dalby Firewood back in November.  Since then, we’ve received 252 reviews and counting, and we’ve been blown away by the overwhelmingly […]

NEW: Buy Eucalyptus Logs from Dalby Firewood

Spring has finally sprung, just in time for the addition of a fantastic new product to the Dalby Firewood store: air-dried blue gum eucalyptus, all the way from South Africa! This superb wood is amongst the most recognisable and highly prized in the southern hemisphere. It’s also one of the most spectacular, with specimens of ‘eucalyptus globulus’ regularly […]

Kiln Dried Ash: Top Quality Firewood

From oak to alder, poplar to pine, almost all trees can be used as firewood. However, over the centuries, certain types of wood have emerged as the cream of the crop, due to a combination of factors. In our view, the very best of the bunch has to be ash – here are a few of the reasons why: High […]

Burning Hardwood Logs in the UK? You’ll need a Chimney Sweep!

For many of those who are new to using firewood in the home, the idea of hiring a chimney sweep seems strangely antiquated. Nevertheless, chimneys need to be cleared today just as much as they did when they first appeared in the UK around the year 1200. Here’s the low-down on today’s chimney sweeps – including a few […]

Seasoned Firewood Logs: Eco-Fuel!

Three ways in which you’re helping to protect the environment by making firewood logs your fuel of choice. Imagine an eco-warrior. You may be thinking of someone taking out the recycling… but we highly doubt you’re imagining somebody throwing a log onto a fire. As a matter of fact, using hardwood logs as fuel can […]